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Friday February 28th, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. 

Saturday February 29th, 2020 at 2 p.m. 

There are no precast parts. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the text, no monologues necessary: 

Production dates are May 8-10 and 15-17, 2020.

Character list: 
8 men, 7 women

BARNEY NORTHRUP – (60’s, Caucasian) A smarmy realtor who convinces most of the
Westing heirs to move into Sunset Towers.  He oozes charm like a snake oil salesman.

OTIS AMBER – (60’s) Sunset Towers‟ delivery "boy" and fourth grade dropout. He delivers
mail, packages, and whatever else to the apartment building and elsewhere on his bike.

GRACE WINDSOR WEXLER – (40’s) A social climber and self-professed decorator. She is the
mother of Turtle and Angela. She is unwittingly xenophobic (a fear of the unknown), slightly
neurotic and completely self-absorbed. She used to have a softer side but it‟s been a while since she's shown it.

ANGELA WEXLER – (20’s) Oldest daughter of Grace; she is known for her beauty and her
engagement to young, promising intern D. Denton Deere. The perfect child, she is soft-spoken,
very beautiful, and very good at bottling her anger.

TURTLE WEXLER – (13-15) The youngest daughter of Grace; she‟s a plucky girl with a braid
who kicks people's shins in “self-defense”. Turtle is smart, aggressive, slightly neglected and a
stock-market whiz.

SYDELLE PULASKI – (30’s to 50’s) Secretary to the president of Schultz Sausages. Sydelle is
hungry for attention and admiration; she has no close friends.

MR. JAMES SHIN HOO – (50’s, Chinese-American) Doug's father and owner of Shin Hoo's
Restaurant on the fifth floor. His restaurant is failing. He is a disgruntled inventor who is so
tightly wound he has given himself an ulcer. A widower, his son’s academic and financial
success is supremely important to him.

DOUG HOO – (18-ish, Chinese-American) Son of James Shin Hoo. Doug is a high school track
star with Olympic dreams; smart but not a scholar. He has a winning smile and an ability to
make everyone like him. He likes to tease Turtle but is most concerned with running.

FLORA MILLER BAUMBACH – (60’s) She's a somewhat timid dressmaker whose daughter
Rosalie died a year before the novel begins. Flora always has a kind word for everyone and
speaks softly so as not to inconvenience anyone. She smiles too much.

JUDGE J.J. FORD – (40’s, African-American) A judge on the appellate court, she has a grudge
against the Westing millionaire. She's tough, but fair - just what you'd expect a judge to be. 

CHRIS THEODORAKIS – (15-ish, Greek-American) Younger brother of Theo; he suffers from a
neurological disease that confines him to a wheelchair. He is also barely able to speak or control his body movements. He enjoys bird watching and is lonely for company.

THEO THEODORAKIS – (19-ish, Greek-American) Theo is his brother's guardian. Theo wants to
be a writer but has no time or money for study. He is a thoughtful, sensitive and slightly angry
young man.

BERTHE ERICA CROW – (50’s, Caucasian) Sunset Towers‟ maid and a Salvation Army soup
kitchen volunteer. She dresses exclusively in black as if in permanent mourning. Crow is
obsessed with sin and its penalty.

D. DENTON DEERE – (20’s) A medical intern engaged to Angela Wexler. He is somewhat
egotistical and has gone into plastic surgery for the money – not the love of medicine.

SANDY MCSOUTHERS – (60’s, Caucasian) Sandy is the doorman at Sunset Towers and is
everyone's pal. He befriends the heirs and helps guide the events in the game. He has a grudge
against Westing and a large family to support.

RADIO ANNOUNCER – A no-nonsense news professional.

EDWARD PLUM – (20’s) A very inexperienced lawyer who just passed the bar. He was hand selected by Westing as executor of the Westing Will. He is competent but not very confident. He is alternately theatrical, hysterical and bumbling.

SAM WESTING – (60’s) A corpse dressed like Uncle Sam.

DETECTIVE – A gruff fellow; hired to find out the skinny on the Westing heirs.

DR. SIKES (60’s) Dr. Sidney Sikes is an old friend and confidant of Sam Westing. He suffered a
crushed leg from the car accident he was in with Westing and has a permanent limp. Dr. Sikes is a physician. Also, he was a witness to the Westing Will.

JULIAN R. EASTMAN (60’s, Caucasian) Newly-elected Chairman and CEO of the Westing
Paper Products Corporation. He takes control after the death of Sam Westing. He is well manicured and impeccably dressed

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