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Audition dates: June 10th at 6:30 pm  and June 11th at 2:00 pm at BLT.
Production dates: September 9-11 and 15-18, 2016. 
Director: Teresa Johnson  
Asst Director/Choreographer: LeAnne D Womble

YOU MUST BE 18 ( or 17 with written parental consent) TO AUDITION!! Consent forms will be available at auditions. 

Cabaret takes place in Nazi Germany during the 1930's. It centers around Sally Bowles, an English cabaret performer, her cast mates at the Kit Kat Club, and Clifford Bradshaw, an American novelist who falls for Sally.
Please prepare a brief song from Cabaret or a song in the style of the 1930's or 40's. An accompanist will be provided or you can bring karaoke tracks on a cd or smart phone. All auditionees must participate in the vocal audition. Wear clothing appropriate for a brief dance audition. There will be improv and cold readings from the script.


To kill a Mockingbird
    Production Dates
    October 21-29
    Audition dates;
    AUG 20th @ 2pm
    AUG 21 @ 5pm.


Adult, Atticus Finch - 50 to 60's Caucasian

Boy, Jem Finch - early teen 12 - 16 Caucasian

Boy, Dill Harris - @10, thin, smallish, Caucasian

Adult, Mr Cunningham, middle aged, Caucasian

Adult, Bob Ewell - middle aged, Caucasian

Adult, Mr Gilmer - middle aged, Caucasian

Adult, Nathan Radley -  middle aged, tall, thin, Caucasian

Adult, Boo Radley - 30ish, pale, Caucasian

Adult, Tom Robinson - 30 to 50ish, African American

Adult, Reverend Sykes - 40 to 70ish, African American

Adult, Heck Tate - 30 to 50, Caucasian

Adult, Judge Taylor - 50+, Caucasian

Adult, Clerk - 30+, Caucasian


Girl, Scout - 9 to 12ish, boyish, Caucasian

Adult, Jean Louise Finch,  25 to 35, Caucasian

Adult, Calpurnia, 30 to 60, African American

Adult, Maudie, 40+, mature, Caucasian

Adult, Stephanie, 40+, mature, Caucasian

Teen, Mayella Ewell, mid to late teen, Caucasion

Adult, Helen Robinson, 30 to 40's, African American


Town's People, African Americans and Caucasians at least 25 males all ages,men, teens,  boys and at least     25 females all ages, women, teens and girls.

Auditions consist of cold reading from the script. Contact director Ronny Broussard @ 228-863 -3571 for           questions.



REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE >> AUDITION DATES: May 15 and 16 at 7:00 at Biloxi Little Theatre >>  >>

PRODUCTION DATES: July 8-10 and 14-16, 2016 >>  >>

DIRECTOR: Judy Madden >>

Roles available for 13 males and 10 females. Auditions are open to ages 13-19. In celebration of our 20th year we also invite Alumni of the BLT Teen Show to audition!!! >>  >>

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Contact the director at 228-238-0831 for questions  >>  >>

Character Descriptions: >>  >>

Jim Stark >> 17 years old. A confused and angry but shy and sincere teenager who is trying to survive life in his new home town of Los Angeles. His worst problems are the local tough boys who are out to make his life miserable, and his father and mother, how have never know how to be loving and supportive parents. He is trying to please his parents and at the same time fighting a desperate battle to avoid being like them.  >>  >>

Plato >> A disturbed but gentle 15 year old who looks to Jim for friendship and family, in part because his own parents have never been around to take care of him. Small for his age.  >>  >>

Judy Brown >> A lonely 16 year old girl who falls in love with Jim, who had earlier associated with the tough kids because she could not find love or support from her own family. Quite attractive, for which she compensates by being sullen and indifferent. >>  >>

Jim’s father >> A loving but weak and insecure parent for Jim, who is dominated by his wife.  >>  >>

Jim’s mother >> An angry and frustrated person who insists her family move to another city every time her family has problems. Chic but rather hard faced. >>  >>

Mrs. Davis >> Middle aged, dignified African American woman. She takes care of Plato. >>  >>

Grandma >> Small, in her sixties, chic and bright eyed and determined to stay young. >>  >>

Buzz >> About 18. The leader of the tough kids in school who tries to make life difficult as possible for Jim. He is liked, feared and admired by the gang. >>  >>

Crunch, Moose, Goon, Helen, Millie >> Boys are tough kids in Buzz’s gang. All in their teens. >>  >>

Ray >> A soft spoken, concerned juvenile police officer who tries to help Jim and the other kids stay out of trouble.  >>  >>

Officer Mullen >> Takes his job in his stride. Not cynical, just practical. >>  >>

Miss Hannington >> School teacher with no illusions about the present generation of school children. >>  >> Lecturer >> Good speaker. Quiet but forceful. >>  >>

Belle >> 14 and uncomplicated. >>  >>

Mr. Brown >> Pleasant but unimaginative man who is baffled because Judy is now grown up and he doesn’t quite know how to treat her. Means well but lacks understanding.  >>  >>

Mrs. Brown >> Comfortable, warm hearted and a good mother but she, too, lacks the ability to get close to Judy. >>  >>

Police Officers 1 and 2 >>  

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